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Welcome to the Couch Force Wiki

A Wiki for a YouTube with Four gamers on a couch, playing games and generally getting pissed.


Tyler Bruce (HylianDeathbat)

Conor Powers Stout (n0cor)

Cole Jackson (TheColetimate)

Nathan Martin (PleaseGodHelp)

And sometimes special guest such as:

Austin Lindsey (Oreo_Mudslide)

Brody Hamilton (5 House Games)

Michael Palazzolo (BCVanguard)

Conner Pinson (TheSockMethod)

Robert Stephens (PrinceKomali)

Dawson Legg (ThatDawsonGuy)

Alex Nelson (TheLegendOfXela)


We're a group of people who love video games and are hoping to go into game development, but for the time being we are interested in bringing video game content to YouTube and getting genuinely pissed off,

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